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Southwest Regional GAP Training Site Databases


SWReGap field training data were collected by each collaborating state for their respective geographic area (click here for image). Field data were collected between 2000 and 2004 throughout the 5-state region.

These databases contain field data collected by SWReGap field crews. Additional training data for the project were collected from other (past or concurrent) mapping projects to assist in the SWReGAP landcover mapping process. These are not included here.

Database files are in .zip format and contain a MSAccess 2000 (.mdb) database file along with metadata files, field collection protocols, and ecological system descriptions. Field photos for the majority of sample plots are available.

Recommended Citation:

USGS National Gap Analysis Program. 2004. Southwest Regional Gap Analysis Project Field Sample Database. Version 1.1. RS/GIS Laboratory, College of Natural Resources, Utah State University.